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Learn The Basics of Web Video...The Right Way

There can be a lot to learn with web video. So many strange terms, so much confusing technology and so many people saying this, that and the other thing. For most folks, just the thought of making a single video can be overwhelming.


But wouldn't it be great if you could cut through all the garbage and have a simple, plain English blueprint that you could follow...a blue print that would tell you exactly what to do...step by step...for creating high-quality videos and getting them online?


A blueprint that tells you the basics...not the Star Wars stuff that makes your head spin...but the basics like what equipment and software to use, how to use it, how to prepare your videos for the web and how to make sure they're viewable by anyone, using any device.


In other words, just the stuff you need to know to get great looking videos online...and nothing you don't...and all in a no-nonsense, straight to the point format.


Well, now you can have have this blueprint. It's in my new course called Web Video ABC's. This course is designed specifically for beginners. Or people who started with web video, got frustrated and stopped. Or people who have a room full of video-related stuff they've never used (but have been meaning to). Or anyone else who wants to know the basics of doing web video the right way.



Here's What You Get In The Web Video ABC's Course

This course is about the basics of web video production (hence the title). Not the advanced stuff like marketing with videos, creating video products, video podcasting, advanced video creation/editing and so on.


It's about the basics. Like how to start from zero and end up with great looking videos on your web site that anyone, using any device, can watch. And how to do all of this yourself, in the shortest amount of time possible, without stumbling or getting totally baffled along the way.


Web Video ABC's contains 43 step by step training videos...over 5 hours worth of training. It covers both Windows and Mac users. All lessons are laid out in order. All lessons are concise and to the point. And all lessons are accessed directly from the web...that means you get instant access and can watch them whenever you want, from any computer anywhere in the world...or even on an iPad if you have one.


Here's a closer look at what you'll learn:


What video cameras to use...and how to use them

What microphones to use...and how to use them

What lights to use...and how to use them

What software to use...and how to use it

How to shoot green screen video

How to edit green screen video

3 tricks to dramatically improve the quality of any video

How to properly size your videos for the web

How to prepare your videos so they are playable on any device, like browsers, iPads, iPhones, etc.

How to host and deliver your videos for pennies...using the same networks big companies like Apple use

How to get your videos on your web site without any hassles or headaches

How to easily and affordably do everything yourself...or how to use turn-key solutions that do it for you

Lessons for both Windows and Mac users

Over 5 hours of video-based training

Unlimited life-time access to everything

And much, much, more



What You Need

For Windows users, the training covers Sony Vegas and Camtasia. For Mac users, the training covers Final Cut Express and ScreenFlow.


Do you absolutely need these tools to take the training? No. That software is only for the video editing portion of the training. And Web Video ABC's covers a lot more than just video editing.


What if you don't have any of these tools? Sony Vegas, Camtasia and ScreenFlow all offer free 30 day trials (I provide links where you can get them). That means you can take the training while using your free trials of the software.


What about other equipment like cameras, lights and stuff? The training teaches you about your equipment options and I give equipment recommendations inside the course. Everyone has different needs when it comes to equipment. So in the course, I share the pros and cons of all the you can make an educated decision.



BIG BONUS - 50 Full HD Animated Video Backgrounds

What's an animated video background? Click here to see examples.


As part of the Web Video ABC's training course, you'll receive 50 of these animated video backgrounds. They are all in full HD (1920x1080) and you can use them however you want, all royalty-free.


It's a $250 value...but you get all 50 animated video backgrounds free with the training.



How Much?

You can get instant access to the Web Video ABC's course (along with the 50 bonus animated video backgrounds) for just $149.


That will get you lifetime access to the training. There are no recurring fees. You can watch the training as much as you want, whenever you want. Forever. Even from an iPad. And all for just $149.


To get instant access and start learning web video the right way, just place your order directly below:




I understand the price I will be paying today Web Video ABC's is just $149. .


I understand that I will be receiving unlimited, lifetime access to the training. I can watch the lessons as much as I want, whenever I want, forever.


I understand that I will be receiving 50 animated video backgrounds, valued at $250, for free. I can use these animated video backgrounds however I want, royalty-free.


I understand that after making my payment , I will instantly receive login information giving me immediate access to all the training (be sure to whitelist email from"").


I understand this is online, 100% web video based training , that I will access all of the training via the Internet and that nothing will be sent to me in the mail.



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