The Straight Facts

Mobile FriendlyMobile video is the fastest growing form of media in the world. Nearly half of mobile video viewer's earn over $75,000 a year. Mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage in two years. 9 out of 10 Americans own a mobile phone. And over one-third of Facebook's 750 million users access Facebook using a mobile device.

The Problem

There are over 4,000 mobile devices and growing. There's a mountain of confusing technical information on how to deliver videos to these devices. Plus, mobile device makers cause even more confusion by often changing video specs with each new device they make. It leaves the average business owner at a loss over how to create mobile videos.

The Solution

Mobile Video Made Simple cuts through all the garbage and teaches you step by step how to make your videos mobile ready. All lessons are 100% video-based. There is no fluff, filler or geek-speak. In just one hour, you can go from "clueless" to a mobile video master. No kidding.

What You Get In The Mobile Video Made Simple Training Course

There are a lot of ways you can tackle mobile video. For example, there are dozens of books available on the subject, but most require an IT degree to figure out and are around 300 pages long. Or you can spend hundreds of dollars each month on services that make your videos mobile ready.

Or you can remain baffled by mobile video, do nothing and eventually wonder why your business is slowly shrinking month after month.

Mobile Video Made Simple is designed to solve these problems. You don't need to spend days or weeks trying to figure out how to make your videos mobile can learn everything you need to know in about an hour.

You don't need to spend a ton of cash to make your videos mobile Mobile Video Made Simple, you'll learn how to make your videos mobile ready without spending a single penny.

And you don't need to stress out or guess if you're doing things right...the training is 100% video-based, everything is laid out for you step by step - you just watch and repeat, cut and paste.

Mobile Video Made Simple contains a little over 1 hour of step by step video based lessons for both Windows and Mac users. You simply log into the training area and watch the lessons in your web browser, as much as you want and whenever you'd like (just like you watch all videos on the Internet). Or optionally, you can watch them from mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

All you have to do is play the videos, watch what we show you and then repeat it yourself. It's a lot like painting by the numbers. And we don't waste your time with theory or technical mumbo-jumbo or teaching you things you'll never need to know.

In fact, the world of mobile video is jam-packed with mountains of information you'll NEVER need to know. We skip all that garbage, all the useless filler information and give you only the handful of nuggets you MUST know to make your videos mobile ready.

That's why in just one hour you can become a mobile video master...even if you're starting with zero knowledge and have no technical skills. Here's a closer look at what you'll discover inside Mobile Video Made Simple:

  • The 3 key ingredients for making video play on mobile devices (get ANY of these wrong and your videos will never play)

  • There are over a half-dozen mobile video formats...but here's the only one you need

  • The misunderstood method YouTube uses for mobile video...and how you can use it too

  • Understanding how iOS (Apple) devices handle mobile video...

  • Understanding how Android devices handle mobile video...

  • Understanding how Blackberry, Windows Mobile, webOS and other devices handle mobile video...

  • How to quickly and easily encode your videos for mobile device playback...step by step...without spending a penny

  • How to make any video play on both the web and mobile devices at the same time (a huge time and cost saver)

  • The lazy person's way to instant mobile video...

  • Should you have a dedicated mobile website? Here's the answer...

  • How to automatically redirect mobile visitors to any web page or video you want...

  • How to properly embed mobile video on your web pages (it's not the same as normal web video)

  • Theory in action - watch in real-time as we create, publish and embed mobile video in minutes (you'll know the exact workflow to use)

  • Plus much more...turning the confusing subject of mobile video into child's play for you


Do I Need To Buy a Bunch of Extra Stuff?

Nope. In fact, using the techniques we teach, you can make your videos mobile device ready without spending a single penny on anything. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Of course if you don't mind spending a little money, we also share optional techniques that do come with a price tag.

But it's up to you. We'll show you how to do everything for free...or everything for not free. And we give you the pros and cons of each so you can decide what's best for your business. But no matter how you cut it, you're going to learn how to create mobile videos fast and without any confusion.


Master Mobile Video For Just $79

You get unlimited, lifetime access to Mobile Video Made Simple for just $79. It's training that is not only critical for your online business, but can pay for itself hundreds (if not thousands) of times over.

Unlimited, Lifetime Access

You get instant access to everything. Watch and re-watch the training videos as much as you want, whenever you want and wherever you want. There are no limitations or recurring fees.


Mobile Video Is No Longer Optional. It's Mandatory.

Five years ago web video barely existed. Today it's a billion dollar industry, many times over. Two years ago mobile video barely existed. Today the average mobile user watches over 4 hours of mobile video a month.

Microsoft has shifted it's focus to mobile friendly software as desktop computer sales continue to plummet. Meanwhile, there are over 5 billion mobile devices in the world, with smartphone sales increasing by a whopping 74.4% in the past year alone.

And here's a fun fact: Everyone's favorite pass time is watching TV, right? But very few people are sitting at their computers while watching TV. Now check this out. 86% of mobile internet users ARE using their mobile devices while watching TV. That's a lot of eyeballs that will never see your videos, if they're not mobile ready.

But here's the bottom line. In the span of about 24 months, mobile video has gone from curiosity to necessity. For anyone running a business online that means two things:

1. You must use video to compete

2. That video must play on mobile devices

Here's your chance to make mobile video quick and painless for yourself. It will only take about an hour to learn everything you need to know. In fact, from a business standpoint, it could be the wisest $79 investment you'll ever make.

So be sure to sign-up below now while it's still fresh in your mind. You'll get instant access to Mobile Video Made Simple and you can access the training as much as you want...forever.


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